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  • Port Galarra

    A port town located at the southern most end of [[Adhara | Adhara]] and deep within Callisto territory. Located where the Mani River meets the ocean, it is the town where [[:jonathan | Jonathan]] resides.

  • Jonathan

    Small, slim youth who is a cleric to Pelor based out of [[Port Galarra | Port Galarra]]. Timid but feels a strong desire to do right in line with his chosen path and background as a Callistonian. Was conscripted to work on the pirate ship captained by …

  • Malphas Callisto

    Prior military adviser to the king and current ruler of the [[Callisto faction | Callisto faction]]. The very image of a champion warrior in his armour and with his two giant double crescent axes. [[File:472755 | class=media-item-align-none | 600px- …

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